"A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing with the help of pencil, pen etc. Sketching is a great way to improve your creative skills and start thinking in a new way. It is also useful for design work and discover new ideas."

    1. Use pen or pencil only for sketching.
    2. Sketch should have a particular message.
    3. There will be a time limit here of 75 min.
    4. A white paper of A3 size (160-240 GSM.) and 3 pencil with different shades will be provided for sketching.
    1. Judgement criteria will be based on clarity, use of shades, imagination, neatness and finishing, complexity and overall impression.
    2. Top 3 participants will be selected as a winner of sketching competition.


Hrishabh Mehta- 8737935355
Ehtesham- 9140071889
Gopi Gupta- 8795705110
Manjit Singh- 8474901558

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