Line Follower Robot

“Robotics events are incomplete without a line follower competition."
  • A simple black line on a white background and your robot must follow it. Easy, right?
  • Here’s the catch. The track is filled with bends and curves. Nothing comes easy, right?
  • Description:
    1. The task is to build an autonomous robot which is capable of traversing a black line on a white background. The track has bends, curves, T-joints and breaks
  • Rules of the game:
    1. A team may consist of a maximum of 3 members. Students from different branches can form a team.
    2. Any student with a valid identity card is eligible to participate.
    3. Teams are not allowed to replace parts between runs. however they are allowed to replace defective sensors, but with a penalty added to it.
    4. Change of batteries and modifications to the code are allowed but the game play has to be restarted.
    5. Any damage caused to the arena at any point of time will lead to disqualification / penalty.
    6. If the robot is manually touched except at the start, then it will be considered as a violation and will lead to penalty.
    7. For bots, four warnings will be provided when the bot goes outof the track .
    8. In such cases, both types of bots will be eliminated if they do not starttracing the line within 30 seconds after deviating from the path.
    9. The motors(maximum 400rpm) used in bot is allowed.
    10. There will be two rounds.
    11. In both rounds there will be two more rounds.


Atul Chaudhary – 8273522898
Devang yadav - 8707334490
Devasheesh kumar singh - 9532540761
Ashish kumar mishra - 8005039737

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