Gully Cricket

    1. The team should comprise of players from a minimum of two branches (1st and 2nd year).
    2. A team of 6 players can be formed (4 boys and 2 girls) but only five players (4 boys and 1 girl) can be involved at any point of match.
    1. There will be 8 overs for a match (4 overs for a team to bat) and one bowler can bowl 2 overs and rest can bowl one over.
    2. No batsman will be allowed to play continuous five balls if he/she does so will be ruled out as ‘re-tired hurt’ and bat again when all other players gets out.
    3. Taking single on the last ball of the over to avoid getting retired hurt won’t be count as rotating strike.
    4. There must be one over bowl by girl, that over can be any of the four.
    5. Batting side should start batting with one boy and one girl, striking and non-striking side will de-cided by them.
    6. The batting team is allowed to take a ‘Hallabol Over’.
      1. Runs scored by batting team will be doubled.
      2. It’s compulsory for every team to take ‘Hallabol Over’.
      3. The decision of taking the ‘Hallabol Over’ should be made before the start of over.
      4. The batting team has to announce the Hallabol Over first then bowling team may choose which bowler is going to bowl that particular over.
    7. Batsman can get out by direct catch, one tip one hand catch, bowled ball by bowler and hit the striking batsman’s wickets, hits the ball twice by batsman, by run out and by rule out.
    8. Bowler can bowl having the under arm action.
    9. All the standards will be announced at the time of the match.
    10. Umpire decisions will be last and final and would be considered as final even in case of discrep-ancy.
    11. Unnecessary arguments with the umpire by any side’s player may cause red card (suspension for 1 over).
    12. All team should have get registered before one hour the starting of the tournament.


MANISH KUMAR - ET 3rd - 8439444862
ASHISH KUMAR VERMA - CSE 3rd - 7007317858
AKASH TRIPATHI - CSE 3rd - 8736944575
RANJANA SINGH - CSE 3rd - 9720399135
PRANJAL - CE 3rd - 8005497221
ALOK AWASTHI - CE 3rd - 9628685444
POOJA BHARTI - ET 3rd - 8543017579

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