Fine Arts - Poster Making, Pot Decoration, Rangoli, Face Painting

“Art should comfort the disturbed & disturb the comfortable”
  • Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. So, here at Abhyutthan, we are going to explore that lost artist once again within you. We hope that you all will take part in the event with great enthusiasm to show your creativity.
  • The event is divided in following 4 parts.
  1. Poster Making : Participants will be provided with posters, pencil, colors, brushes and all the necessary required items and will be given one hours to finish their work.

  2. Face Painting : Participants will have to come with a partner to paint on. Face colours, brushes, sponge etc will be provided to work with and time limit will be of one hours.

  3. Rangoli : Group of maximum four participants can take part in this event. Rangoli colors will be provided and one hours will be given to finish the work.

  4. Pot Decoration : Participants will be provided with pot, colors, brushes, pencils, sparkles, fevicol and are expected to bring extra decorative materials like mirrors, laces, buttons, pearls etc to make their craft more attractive. Time given will one hours.
  • The events of fine arts will take place in separate time. So participants can take part in more than one events.
  • The winners for 1st, 2nd and third rank will be awarded separately in all four categories. The winners will be decided based on the following points
  1. Originality of creation
  2. Theme of creation
  3. Cleanliness of creation
  4. Overall impression


Akshay Yadav - CSE 3rd - 9455294127
Harshita Gupta - CSE 3rd - 9120298134
Meher Jyoti - CE 3rd - 7068341428

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