• Egg drop projects help students explore basic concepts such as gravity, force and acceleration. In an egg drop project, the specific details and rules may vary. The general idea is to have students design a container that will allow an egg to safely fall from varying heights without breaking.
  • RULES:
    1. Apparatus weighing more than 250.0 grams will result in automatic disqualification. The apparatus (without the egg) shall not exceed 250.0 grams in mass.
    2. The apparatus may be constructed of any material except metal, glass or other shatterable material (for safety reasons). Failure to use approved materials will result in automatic disqualification.
    3. The difficulty level will be increased after each round from 2 feet to 8-10 feet.
    1. The apparatus must allow for the egg provided to be unbroken and uncracked upon completion of the drop test. Participants will remove the egg from the apparatus and show it to the judge for verification. Only the judge determines whether the egg survived the drop test.
    2. The distance from the center of the target to the closest edge of the apparatus will be measured and recorded after the apparatus comes to rest.
    3. The apparatus will be judged based on the following equation, with the highest score winning:
  • SCORE = Integrity / (Mass + Height + Distance)
    Integrity = 2010 if the egg is not broken; 0 if it is broken
    Mass = Mass (in grams) of the container without the egg (must not exceed 250 grams)
    Height = Height (in centimeters) of the container’s “minimum dimension”
    Distance = Distance (in centimeters) from the center of the target to the closest edge of the apparatus.
    1. 2 raw eggs per team (there may be accidents…)
    2. Tape, glue, glue guns and other adhesives.
    3. String
    4. Scissors
    5. Newspaper or plastic drop cloth.
    6. Lots of recycled materials (cardboard tubes, foam, styrofoam, plastic bags, sponges, straws, tissue paper, packing peanuts…anything you have around)
  • AWARD: There are also some rewards for winners . Winners at place 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd will get a certificate.
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Akshay Kumar Shaiwal - CE 3rd - 8736857347
Ankit Singh Aristh - CE 3rd - 8707096090
Rahul Rajput - CE 3rd - 9044129156
Vipin - CE 3rd - 7458857266
Shubham Gupta - CE 3rd - 9598208235

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