• Circuit tricks are tricks that make circuit theory easier to understand. This event basically consists of shortcuts to solve the complex circuit.
    1. There will be a simple paper test exam for students to qualify and enter the circuit tricks event and then qualifiers will play next round along with their respective team.
    2. Students should know the basis of electrical and electronics circuit based on 12th standard level.
    • ROUND 1: There will be simple paper test consisting of 30 objective questions each of 1 mark and one minute will be given for the question. Then qualifiers team will be next round along with their respective teams.
    • ROUND 2: The respective team will play this round which consist of 15 questions each of 1 mark and two minutes will be given to each question. At least 3 teams will be qualified for next round which will be decided by coordinators.
    • ROUND 3: This round will be based on circuit designing. One winning team will be awarded by the coordinator’s decisions.
    1. No will bring any gadgets during paper test.
    2. Number of members in each team will be decided after test.
    3. Be ready with the team name of your choice.
  • NOTE: More information will be provided through the contact with the coordinators.


Muskan Keshri - EE 3rd - 9118796296
Aman Yadav - EE 3rd - 9997143773
Pooja Kumari - EL 3rd - 9450982269
Pragya - EE 3rd - 8004237962
Sakshi Singh - EE 3rd - 7080108531

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