Code Desk

(Truth can only be found in one place: the code)
  • Description: CodeDesk is an online coding contest specifically designed to test your coding standards, your problem solving abilities, your catch in algorithms and complexities. By this contest you can judge yourself by your position in the contest, and form an idea where you are lagging behind. Codedesk will ask questions that are relevant for your universities as well as for your interviews.
  • Layer of events: Participants will be given some problems on their computer screen and they will have to think best possible solution for that problem under some specific limit. Whole contest will be divided into levels, and difficulty increases with each successive level. Students would be eliminated at each level. Participants can code the solution in any language. Each problem is provided with some sample inputs and outputs with some test cases.
  • Rules for the events:
    1. Participants should not carry mobile phones.
    2. Participants are not allowed to open any extra application or browser tab on computer screen.
    3. No discussions are allowed during the contest.
    4. Time limit would be there for each level.
    5. No negative points would be given for wrong submission.
  • Judging criteria:
    1. Solution is judged on the basis of correctness and algorithmic complexity of the solution.
    2. Points are given on the basis of how much test cases the solution passed.


Beauty Singh 3rd CS - 8808425815
Kartik Choudhary 3rd CS - 9456985137
Pritam Banik 3rd CS - 7310063506
Sarvesh Kumar 3rd CS - 8009339737
Suman Saurabh 3rd CS - 8726176844
Vishnukant Mishra 3rd CS - 9521409006

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