Blind Dates

  • Description: In blind date, each participant will be matched randomly with an unknown person based on the list of all participants. They will date their partners and explore their bonding with each other in the given time.
  • Layer of the competition: Firstly, couples will date each other. On the next day, a test will be organized to check your bond. A set of questions will be given to the selected couples about each other. The couples who know their partners the best will be announced winner like first, second and third place accordingly.
  • Rules of the Competition:
    1. Every couple will have a time of maximum 3 hours for the date.
    2. During date, every couple is advised to know their partner at its best.
    3. In case, any participant gets uncomfortable with their partner during the date, he or she can inform the judges about it immediately with an explanation for withdrawing their name.
    4. Cellphone or any other electronic device are strictly prohibited during the competition.
    5. Participants are not allowed to comment about their partner to anyone including judges.
    6. During questions, couples are not allowed to hint their respective partners.
  • Judging Criteria:
    1. All answers will be evaluated on the basis of information provided by the opposite partner about themselves.
    2. One point will be answered for every right answer and no point will be deducted for any wrong answer.
    3. Personal views about any couple will not be entertained in the final results.
    4. In case of draw or tie, a bonus round will be done among the couples.


Aakansh Srivastava - CE 3rd Year - 9670672141
Kashish Tripathi - ET 3rd Year - 9044410413
Pragya - CSE 3rd Year - 9936312448
Ranjana Singh - CSE 3rd Year - 9720399135
Santosh Sharma - ET 3rd Year - 8126671904
Sarvesh Kumar - CSE 3rd Year - 8009339737
Maneesh Kumar - EE 3rd Year - 8126740915
Rishu - EL 3rd Year - 8630565287

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